The 5 Best Wireless Fences for Dogs In 2023

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Wireless Fences for Dogs is, then I’d recommend the Extreme Dog Fence as the best one.

Dogs will always be dogs, they love to play. Much more than that, they need to engage in physical activity as a form of exercise for them. But, most of the time this happens, you run the risk of having them wander away from the home if not watched after. Sometimes, this can also expose to attacks by other animals, whether domestic or wild.

This is where having a fence comes in. With the advancement in technology, the best dog wireless fence is one of the solutions you want to consider.

5 Of The Best Wireless Fences for Dogs

1. Extreme Dog Fence

2. SportDOG

3. PetSafe

4. Sit Boo-Boo

5. PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System


Best Wireless Fences For Dogs Review

Best Wireless Fences for Dogs


1. Extreme Dog Fence

Are you looking for the best dog wireless fence on the market to keep a check on your furry canine? Then you want to consider the Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation.

To start with, it does cover a vast expanse of space and comes with everything you need for effective containment of your dogs. One feature that sets this system apart from its competitors is the fact that it supports unlimited dogs on up to 25 acres. That is ideal for dog owners with many dogs and large properties that want dogs roaming free without them getting into trouble.

Another feature to look out for is its water-resistant and submersible capability. This way, your collar receiver is guaranteed completely waterproof up to 10 feet deep. It comes equipped with thick and durable wires and the ability to withstand almost anything over a large area.

The Extreme Dog Fence is one of the few systems with as low as Gauge 14 wires, making for a safer electrical pathway designed for the system to work. Its transmitter allows for easy customization and can cover a total of 10 acres. It also comes equipped with a frequency encoding feature for eliminating stray signal interference from other signal generating devices.

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2. SportDOG

Do you own a dog that has a strong personality, and you want a wireless fence system that can handle them? The SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems might be right for you. This is one In-Ground fence that is built to withstand any type of weather – from rain, heat, shine, snow, wind, or dust. It guarantees to keep your pup safe no matter what Mother Nature brings on.

A notable and unique safety feature of this fence is its lightning protection which guards it against any outage caused by a lightning strike. This is an ideal choice of wireless fence for those who are planning on handling a huge property and can as well support an unlimited number of dogs. You only have to buy more collars.

It features together with tone and vibration levels, 4 different static correction levels. Its collar receiver is waterproof and its battery is very long-lasting and could last for up to 12 months with a minimum of 6 months.

This wireless comes with 1,000 feet of wire and guarantees to expand to allow for as much as a hundred acres cover. As long as you decide to spend the money on the wire. This makes it ideal for large dog types, sizes, and characteristics.

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3. PetSafe

Do you own more than one dog? One containment system for pets that was designed with multiple-pet owners in mind is the PetSafe Wireless Fence. This is a wireless system for both first-time dog owners and dog breeders looking for an easy training solution for their pup.

Whether you have a small or large yard, this wireless fence has you covered as its circular coverage is adjustable, and as such can be made smaller or bigger as the case may be. The coverage range reaches up to half an acre in a circular but adjustable shape.

The moment your pet begins to move past the designated boundaries you have set with the system, a beeping noise is sounded like a warning. If he/she still persists, he/she receives a blast of static correction. It is completely harmless and safe, with no shock involved.

One of the best parts about its collar is the waterproof feature, and as such can stand about any weather conditions – whether rain or shine. It features a 6-volt battery with an impressive battery life that if properly maintained lasts pretty long. Set up is pretty simple and it only takes an average of 2 hours to complete the installation.

After installation, all that remains is to plug in the transmitter box and once you place the receiver collars on your dog’s neck, you are ready to contain them.

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4. Sit Boo-Boo

If you’re looking for an advanced fencing system packed with loads of amazing features, you want to consider the Sit Boo-Boo Electric Fence Advanced. It comes with different correction modes such as static, loud beep, and vibration all aimed at preventing your dog from wandering beyond the restricted zone.

It features a safety auto-off capability on the collar that allows for automatic turning off of the collar 10 seconds after your dog receives a correction. There is no doubt this is an effective system, with its transmitter connecting well with the collar and the result is an effective static correction as required.

It features a comfortably designed collar built to work well with dogs of every size and breed. Its radio wave transmissions are Up-to-date and as such effortlessly and faultlessly broadcasts the signal to your dog’s training collar. Also, with this pet containment system, you get a more than impressive adjustable range of coverage of over 5 acres – as long as you have the extra wire.

Its battery strength is pretty impressive too, as long as they are well maintained. To start with, they must be fully charged before their first use and then recharged when not in use.

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5. PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

Pet containment can be a breeze with PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System. This PetSafe Wireless Containment System allows for a secure circular boundary around your yard without going through the hassle of installing a physical fence or burying the wire.

Additionally, it comes with an adjustable maximum range for boundaries. The maximum range for boundaries is adjustable and has a radius of up to 30 meters and a range of coverage – half an acre. This is ideal for larger backyards or where you simply want to provide your dog with more room to run!

Another adjustable feature in terms of its size is its collar system. It can be adjusted in size from as small as 6 inches around to as large as 28 inches around. This makes it perfect for larger breeds of dogs such as Mastiffs and St. Bernards.

Again, the collar itself is waterproof and weather-safe and that makes it perfect for use in any weather or climate zone. This wireless fence system offers five levels of correction together with a tone-only mode for training. If used correctly, an average of two weeks is enough to get your dog trained.

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More On Wireless Dog Fence System And How It Functions

A wireless dog fence is a type of invisible fence system and works with the use of a wireless signal spectrum. This spectrum uses information that is exchanged by the two main components of the wireless fence system. The receiver and transmitter in the collar (While the transmitter throws out the signal, the collar receives it).

The aim of this spectrum is to put range restrictions on your dog by producing a negative stimulus such as electric shock which is triggered when your dog crosses the “fenced” area. By fenced area, I mean the operating range allowed by the transmitter. That said, depending on the power of the transmitter, your pet can have a certain range of free movement.

The moment the dog crosses the limit provided, the signal breaks off between the transmitter and collar. And as a result, your dog receives a slight shock or other stimulating signals like that of dog bark collars.


Factors to Consider before Buying the Best Wireless Dog Fence

1. Range

This is the most important factor in choosing a wireless fence as it determines how large of an area your animal will have free access to without receiving correction.

Your dog, regardless of the size – whether big or small, needs to get enough freedom of movement around your yard. Obviously, smaller dogs will need less space than bigger ones to be comfortable in an environment.

Some of these systems come with adjustable ranges, depending on the number of transmitters and wires used. These can range from a few feet to over 100 acres.

2. Size Of Collar

Without a well functioning collar, no wireless dog fence system is complete. Also, the collar must fit to maximize functional ability. With that said, the last thing that you want to do is overlook such an important detail as the size of the collar needed to fit around your dog’s neck.

If it is too tight it will be uncomfortable for your pet and possibly cause some form of harm. But, if it is too loose, it may not work as intended; with settings such as static or other forms of stimulation.

To remove all guesswork from your purchasing decision, it is important to measure your dog’s neck size. But, there are some wireless fence systems with adjustable collars. And as such work with a host of dog breeds with little to no problem at all.

3. Installation Process

Even though most wireless dog fence systems are easy to set up, there are some that may need hours of preparation. Most of these systems are “plug-it-in and go” and need an average installation time of 1 hour.

All that is required is to ensure the proper positioning of the transmitter. As long as you ensure that the transmitter is not affected by any form of obstruction and turbulence associated with weather conditions.

4. Battery Type

This is one feature that has often been overlooked; but, can be a blessing or a curse. You will need to consider how long the battery will last, how long it takes to charge, and if there’s an extra cost in maintaining it. You want to know if they use proprietary batteries or common ones.

Proprietary batteries will need you to buy directly from the manufacturers, while the common batteries can be picked up anywhere.

Also, you want to consider whether your batteries are chargeable or not, and if not you’ll have to purchase new ones each time they run out of juice. Some collar’s battery life can take days before running down after being charged. Others can take weeks or even a month. The choice is yours.

5. Number of Collars

This feature is particularly for dog owners who have many dogs. If so, you may want to make sure that the transmitter of the system you look forward to buying can support many collars. Some systems only work with a single collar, while there are other wireless fence systems that can operate with many collars.

This implies that a single transmitter is able to cover more than two or more pets. This is where you may have to make up your mind on how many dogs you intend to have. Some systems come with the amount that you need, while others may need you to buy extra collars.

6. Correction Level

Correction levels, otherwise known as settings are very important pre-purchase factors to consider. For instance, some systems come with a static correction level, and may not be for puppies or older dogs with extra sensitive hearing.

Additionally, some systems will come with many settings. This allows for fine-tuning performance based on your dog’s individual requirements. Depending on your type of dog, you may want to for a static correction level with a “tone only” correction level setting or multiple types of “modes” to choose from. It is important to be aware of all ranges of options that come with your systems collars.


Final Words On Best Wireless Dog Fence

There are no doubt dogs have a tendency to roam around your yard, and chances are they will go beyond their boundaries. This is where the best dog wireless fence comes in handy to easily prevent such from happening.

But, with the plethora of this device in the market, it can get a bit overwhelming looking for the perfect fit for your dog. This is where the above guide comes in handy too. The above list of products was carefully selected. And are highly recommended for dog owners looking to invest in the best and useful boundaries for their furry canines.

But, my best pick goes to Extreme Dog Fence. This is the perfect solution for keeping a check on your furry canine with its customizable range, the vast expanse of space it covers and supporting unlimited dogs on up to 25 acres.

It also comes with important features such as being water-resistant and weather-proof, and as such can withstand rough and extreme environmental conditions. Its set up process is fairly easy and comes with various correction levels to accommodate different types of dogs. There’s not a doubt that this product is durable and worth every penny it cost.

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