Can Dogs Eat Asparagus? (Is Asparagus Good For Dogs?)

We’ve all experienced our dogs wanting to eat the food we’re eating. Sometimes we’ll give in, but then they experience some negative symptoms and we become worried about our dogs’ health.

Before spending a fortune on the vet, we have a tendency to look into an issue our dog may be suffering from, right? There are some foods acceptable to share with our dogs,

but can dogs eat asparagus with us too?

Can Dogs Eat Asparagus

Yes, Your Dog Can Have Asparagus.

The quickest answer to your initial question is it’s okay. Asparagus is non-toxic to dogs. In fact, it’s a great fiber source when you feed it to them, without giving it to them excessively of course.

Make sure if you feed your dog asparagus, cut it into small pieces, and cook it to reduce the toughness. As long as you prepare it properly, then your dog will be able to chew and digest asparagus without issue.

Many people already include asparagus in their dog’s diet to improve their health. Asparagus does this by providing other nutrients to your dog as well.

Some also incorporate this as a part of a weight loss plan if their dog is overweight. Combined with exercise, asparagus is extremely effective for this reason.

Mixing asparagus with other foods is another great option for your dog too. Some owners prefer to make their own dog food rather than buy it at the store. There are plenty of healthy and nutritious recipes that include it for your dog.

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Issues with Feeding Your Dog Asparagus

Be aware of the risks if you feed your dog raw asparagus as it will disrupt your dog’s digestive system negatively. Also, Feeding the whole asparagus could result in it getting stuck in your dog’s throat and choke.

Another downside is it causes your dog’s urine and feces to smell increasingly pungent. Vomiting is also a symptom in dogs of eating asparagus and can turn into a more serious issue.

Never feed your dog asparagus fern. This part of the asparagus is not meant to be consumed. This is due to it being highly poisonous to dogs. If you suspect your dog has consumed this, clean any area that could have made contact and go to the vet.

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Asparagus for Digestion

If you are feeding your dog asparagus for this reason, then it could be helpful. Just remember there isn’t much research on this subject, so use it at your own discretion. Monitor your dog to note any significant changes.

Even if asparagus is good for digestion, I highly recommend using a product specifically curated for dog digestion. A highly rated brand can be found by clicking here. Get the peace of mind of knowing how something helps your dog.

At the end of the day, I would still take your dog to the vet regardless of how much research has been put in from an owner’s standpoint. Even with all your own research, more peace of mind can be provided through an expert’s eye.

Overall, asparagus is fine to feed your dogs unless you don’t do it properly. If you’re interested in helping your dog’s digestive system, click here for a choice besides asparagus. Make sure you understand and pay close attention to your dog’s health.

Priorities need to be set about your dog’s diet and health. In the end, only you can choose to feed your dog asparagus or not, but it’s your duty to ensure their safety of as well.


Tips for Prepping Asparagus for Dogs

  • Cut asparagus into bite-size proportions reasonable to your dog’s size
  • Cook for a few minutes to soften them
  • Avoid adding seasoning
  • Feed only in moderation


Treating Your Dog from Asparagus Fern Poisoning

Make sure you identify the symptoms

  • Skin Contact: swelling, redness, blisters
  • If Eaten: stomach pain, unable to digest properly, throwing up
  • Wash your dog’s mouth and/ or affected areas on the body with clean water
  • Take to the vet if symptoms don’t stop or worsen
  • Use the medication as recommended if your vet prescribes any

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