Can Dogs Eat Mango? (Is Mango Good For Dog?)

Do you ever have the feeling that your dog can eat just about anything, but since you’re unsure, you can’t risk it?

Thus you have to wait to feed your dog its regular meals. So maybe you may want to give your dog a treat while waiting for its meal to be ready, but unsure whether the snack (say a mango for instance), would be good for it or not? Or you could be asking yourself, can dogs eat mango?

Well, how about we find out.


Little Known Fact About Mangoes

Can Dogs Eat Mango

The first thing you should know about mangoes is that they are very juicy and delicious. It has tough skin and a very juicy inner body, and they are both very edible. Not only is it tasty, but it is also very nutritious and could be additives or flavor brands in most of the boxed juice for kids and adults.

Below is a rundown of the nutritional benefits of mangoes

For a 100 gram of mango, it contains about 60% calories, and it has a total of 0.1g of saturated fat, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat (for each category of fat).

It contains about 1mg of sodium, 168 of potassium, and a total carbohydrate of 15g.

Its dietary fiber is 1.6g, and the sugar level is about 14g

It also contains some levels of vitamins, some of which include; vitamin A – 21%, vitamin C – 60%, Calcium – 1%, Iron – 1%, vitamin b-6 – 5%, and magnesium – 2%.

Eating one mango a day keeps the doctor away, but does it stay the vet away? We’ll get to that soon enough.

There are over 500 species of mangoes meaning they contain similar nutritional values, with only slight differences, but we won’t have time to go through all of them one after the other. They are grown mainly in Asia, India to be precise, but you could also find some different varieties in Africa.

An average mango weighs about 150-200 grams. One on its own has enough nutrients to last you for days. The idea is that you don’t take so many mangoes so you don’t get diarrhea or any of those sugar related issues.


Can Dogs Have Mango?


Now we know that mangoes for humans are essential, but what about mango for dogs, can they also enjoy the benefits of eating mangoes or rather, is it safe for dogs to eat mangoes. For us to answer this question, we would look at it from two angles;

The inner juicy part and the pits and outer part of the mangoes

The Juicy Inner Part

This part of the mango is very nutritious for the dog and you can give it to the dog at any time.

It is so safe in the fact that it is considered a delight to the dogs. The inner part of the mango contains so many nutritional benefits that even dogs can enjoy what It has to offer.

The nutrient list of mango is what is listed above, and the same effect it has on humans should be the same as that on dogs, but whatever the effects, it is undoubtedly useful and not at all detrimental to dogs.

As they can eat mangoes, dogs can also eat grapes, apples, oranges.

Did you know that wolves even eat fruits in the wild, so that they can remain healthy and robust? Therefore, they don’t only eat meat also fruits, and they love it.

There are some things to keep in mind when you want to give a piece of mango to your dog.

Although mangoes and delicious, sweet and nutritious, they can be bad for your dog when you give them too much of it. Giving your dog too much mango may cause diarrhea or belly aches in dogs, which means you would still have to see a vet. The overfeeding principles also work with human DNA; thus, taking so much mango is terrible for you.

Another reason you should not give dogs too many mangoes is that, unlike the human anatomy where you’ll need to eat a lot of sugary things before you get diabetes, for the dog when they eat so many mangoes for even a month, they may begin to develop serious health problems like diabetes.

The Pits and Outer Part (Skin) of the Mango

can dogs eat mango skin

Let’s start with the skin, can dogs eat mango skin? Although the surface is safe to eat, it is not so advisable to give to dogs because, their digestive tract is not as sophisticated as that of humans, thereby having trouble digesting the skin.

For the pit of the mango, it is an absolute no; you cannot feed the dog, the pit (seed) of the mango for apparent reasons.

If you can’t eat the pit, then you shouldn’t give it to your dog. Pits may cause your dog to choke, as it could you. And even when the dog gets to swallow the huge seed (pit), there is still the issue of digestive blockage.

There is, however, some nutritional content found in the pits of mangoes. According to the international food research journal, pits have anti-depressant properties, can contain the same nutrients as that of the inner part of mangoes.

But since this nutrient is concentrated in one small (large) pit, it may end up becoming toxic to the dogs.


Final Words On Can Dogs Eat Mango

So to answer the question above, whether dogs can eat mangoes? Yes, but you’ll need to regulate the time you give them the mango, and also you would also have to ensure that your dog doesn’t have any access to the pit.

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